Disclaimer and User Agreement for Sarkari Naukri Sathi

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Here are some key points to note:

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Fraud Awareness:

We strongly recommend educating yourself about internet and email frauds. There are two common types of email scams – ‘phishing’ and ‘spoofing’. In phishing, fraudsters attempt to acquire your personal details by tricking you into clicking on fraudulent links that lead to fake login pages. Sarkari Naukri Sathi will never ask you to download software for account access.

Spoofing involves deceptive emails that often offer fake employment opportunities or request monetary transactions. These scams can target jobseekers who have registered on our platform. The sender’s address is often forged, and they might not provide complete contact information.

In summary, we are dedicated to providing accurate information about government job openings, but users should exercise caution, verify details, and stay informed about online frauds.